Herbal Products

Infection of the upper parts of the urinary tract and stones in the urinary tract Capsules
For acute and chronic constipation Capsules
To improve immunity Capsules
Prostate health Capsules
Nutrition for the heart muscle Capsules
For healthy skin Syrup
To maintain liver health and metabolism Capsules
To improve memory and intelligence Syrup
Cough syrup Syrup
For Diabetes and Insulin Resistance Capsules
Tonic for women Syrup
To correct dyslipidemia and hypercholesterolemia Syrup
Sedative remedy Capsules
Sedative remedy for pediatric use Syrup
For arthritis and musculoskeletal inflammations Capsules
Stimulates sexual desire and increases vitality Capsules
Tonic for climacteric symptoms Capsules
For male infertility Capsules
For Stress Herbal Tea
For Insomnia Herbal Tea
To Improve immunity Herbal Tea
For Constipation Herbal Tea
For Diabetes and Insulin resistance Herbal Tea
From cough and flu Herbal Tea
From cough and flu Soluble Herbal Tea
For women's health Herbal Tea
For menopausal syndrome Herbal Tea
To improve metabolism Herbal Tea
To increase vitality Herbal Tea